Post your pets/My pets are my fishes in aquarium
by brainstorm - January 15, 2020 at 07:04 PM
Let's start a pet thread. What's your pet?
I have an aquarium with fishes
Recently I've got some kind of worms in my aquarium. What can it be?
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Oh, fish are the best pets in the world. My fish help me to rest after difficult day. I mean, I just sit and look at them and forget about all the problem. What is connected with the worms, it isn't well I think. I mean, that there is risk, that it can be harmful worm and the main problem, that there are some worms, that look similar, but ones are good and others bad. I am talking about fireworms ( ), so it's better to take it out of fish and throw out.
i have two dogs.
I used to have fishes too, about 7, they all died one after another last week, idk what the problem was. I had them for about 5 years.
Welcome to RF. My pets are my younger brothers. Allmost have them trained to bring me things, make food, but one still crap on the floor.
Welcome to the forums.

I have 4 cats. That’s it.
Welcome. I got three cats. Tried fish once but they didn't last long. And no, not because of the cats.

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