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Please stop them
They made my brother feel pain they had him trying to commit suicide, this discord should be raided and gone for what they did to me and my brother
lol wtf i think u should call the police m8
[Image: 22dece6c9c2293444df5c92f6952908a.jpg]
Ban reason: Leaking information about RF members in shoutbox. MSG me for proof. (Permanent)
[Image: eJwFwdsNwyAMAMBdGACDKRiyDa-QSElA4HxV3b13...AKPhhn.png]
We are raid forums, not the action committee for cyber bullying and suicide helpline.
Have the slight feeling you only made a raid forums accounts just to ask for help with something.
I don't think this is really relevant but thats fucking intense if its true

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