Planning to start training (Gym) again, any advice?
by Plumbo - November 21, 2021 at 12:09 PM
Hi guys, sitting in front of our laptops all days.. no good.

Planning to start training again, and this time would like to schedule/stick to practice seriously.

Anyone of you that had good gains/experience and willing to share his methodology?

I’ve read a lot about mesocycles etc.. but it is a a pain to swim through all the info, plus I often found contradictory assumptions on same topic.
Honestly anything is better than the nothing most people do (me included, should start working out again as well)
What I did to have a little exercise in my week while also have it be not such a great task to get myself to do it is 30 minutes - 1 hour of simple calisthenics, 3 or 4 days a week.
It's healthy, doesn't require any equipment or fancy workout plan and doesn't take up much time at all.

Make sure to give yourself rest days, so for example exercise Monday, Wednesday, Friday + Sunday if you want to put that extra day in.
Try to have at least 3 workout days in a week and keep it consistent with the timing.
On top of that, pay attention to your diet and drink protein shakes Heart0 minutes after your workout because let's be honest they taste good and help you get that tiny bit extra.
I'd also recommend L-Creatine before starting your workout (and during it too, you can get tablets that dissolve in water so you can drink that all throughout) for that nice plus energy, It's a hell of a lot better than drinking energy drinks or anything like that.

Hope this helps, Good luck.
Your health is very important because when you lose it, you lose the capability to re-obtain it (in the sense that, without a support network, you won't be in shape to make the calls/attend the doctor's consultations).

If you are already relatively healthy - stick to simple programs that are free online. The 'big 3' or 'big 5' are no brainers ( bench press, deadlift, squats, shoulder press and pull-up) . You just need a gym with free weights, a squat rack and good pair of shoes adapted to both running and no thick heel to prevent injuries on deadlifts.

Cardio is VERY important. Walking is free. Running too. Careful with those knees if you are overweight.

Baby steps all the way. If you injure yourself, that's 3 months down the drain waiting for recovery.

The warning 'get medical advice before starting a program is no joke, my friend. I have seen people explode their freaking knees because they did too much too quickly. I lost count of people with shoulder issues.

If you want to spend money, spend money on equipment: gloves and shoes for weight lifting, loose clothing. Do not waste money on dumb programs on the internet promising the moon.

Finally, nutrition: all carbs out of the window unless you're cycling between shredding and gaining muscle. There's no mystery to it: protein everything. Fat is fine as long as it's not processed.

Best of luck and congratulations on your initiative.
Literally just do whatever you think is cool or you wont keep doing it. If you think running is dumb, you wont be able to do it consistently.
If you're vaxxed, you really don't want to get your heartbeat up.
Perhaps, walks and swimming.

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