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Philippine Voter Database - Leaked, Download!
Hello RaidForums Community,
Today I have uploaded the Philippines Comelec Voter Database for you to download for free, thanks for reading and enjoy!

The Philippines Voter database was submitted by @[MVP] rockwellrock in 2018 but originally leaked in 2016 containing around 70 million resident's voter information indicated below and much more. This data was gathered from Comelec ( including admin login data. This database was apparently encrypted but has been decrypted an donly 0.08% of the data remains encrypted 99% is available on the download. The list contains virtually everyone 18+ which resides in Philippines or has voted there before and lives abroad now with addresses abroad.

Compromised data: Voter IDs, Full Names, Physical Addresses, Previous Addresses, Date of Birth, Genders, Voter Status, Voter History, Government ID Information, Admin Usernames and Passwords, Voter's Height, Voter's Marital Information, Voter's Email Addresses, Voter's Parents Information, Voter's Profession

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Moved to official servers.
For the Absentee Voters in the Philippines, use this file I put together as a reference file. They are in PDF's, unlike the hacked file, which is in text files. Easier to read without converting them.!uXgCwQqJ!WXmpRC_SdqbRp...XDZSfYfZJQ (it also has a few files with BIRTHDAYS from the embassies they use, in the country they live in & vote from. Historical data for 2014, 2015. I didn't get 2009 to 2012 done in Canada, but Google it.)
About the hacked file:
COMELEC (Philippines Voters)

In March 2016, the Philippines Commission of Elections website (COMELEC) was attacked and defaced, allegedly by Anonymous Philippines. Shortly after, data on 55 million Filipino voters was leaked publicly and included sensitive information such as genders, marital statuses, height and weight and biometric fingerprint data. The breach only included 228k email addresses.

Compromised data: Biometric data, Dates of birth, Email addresses, Family members' names, Genders, Home addresses, Job titles, Marital statuses, Names, Passport numbers, Phone numbers, Physical attributes. (just check this & its down at the moment. lol !!
i think its an old database like 2016 leak version?
The 2016 leak had the following fields encrypted with a salted hash: firstname, lastname, maternal name, vinp1, vinp2, vinp3, Birthmonth, Birthday, Birthyear etc...
Different databases sometimes used different encryption schemes.
This set of databases is 99.92% decrypted following a month long process.

(12-18-2018, 07:55 AM)phack Wrote:  i think its an old database like 2016 leak version?
damn I wish I could download this soon..

I don't have enough credits Sad

thanks in advance btw!!
Okay, so I've managed to download the files.

Just a question..

The files are in .txt format. Do you have any idea how to import this in an SQL database?

Is it possible or nah?

How much time will it take in your estimate?

Can you show some sample data? I want to check if I have already got it...
thanks a lot , Best wishes to you !
Got to check if it really contains that amount of info.
First class data - downloaded, unzipped - exactly as described and after searching with grep for family inside and outside the Philippines all matched up perfectly
thanks a lot , is this available now ?

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