Pereger MMORPG Data User Leaked
by j0hn1 - May 12, 2021 at 05:23 PM
account.csv | 69220 RowsSpoiler
26,[email protected],$2a$12$dsabcYoAUanfYoOVRuFwNOglnWz9QOMsn93kq8Skw533BfGdfSmCS,NULL,0,,0,LS5uVBOVqkiBnrbnsw8cjg,1,yngjz3,0,NULL,1
27,[email protected],$2a$12$cdyVhwx7UjtCFP/0LYiBlOwdz9MBwTJ08pvulrlJoj7bSUaO/mfuq,NULL,10,,0,LS5uVBOVqkiBnrbnsw8cjg,0,NULL,0,NULL,0
28,[email protected],$2a$12$30UT/9BqT6r9mDyKDAi5feRcVcQqIbJocLJM7hIa955zorK1gPodW,NULL,10,,0,LS5uVBOVqkiBnrbnsw8cjg,1,jimnua,0,NULL,1
29,[email protected],$2a$12$bhvo5buB57sTPFSsJ3OnAuXWEUB1cXLByee7F4fBylX4HVbdoSvUK,NULL,10,,0,LS5uVBOVqkiBnrbnsw8cjg,1,NULL,0,NULL,0
30,[email protected],$2a$12$n0B3MvrISCTRAIvebLz1AeTNxxHLQ0lQ7dGrAfi4E7q03sZQzrJCy,NULL,1,,0,LS5uVBOVqkiBnrbnsw8cjg,1,NULL,0,NULL,1
31,[email protected],$2a$12$Co12eoPn/ezl1OnyB8jdQ.OyFB5OgZaa3gyO3Nv1ken3M7XVVvile,NULL,10,,0,LS5uVBOVqkiBnrbnsw8cjg,1,NULL,0,NULL,0
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[Image: GUbnNcM.png]
Found the demon on my network so i hacked him!

[Data For Free, i was share!]
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what does db contain? any pws?
(May 13, 2021 at 03:50 AM)nugget3000 Wrote: what does db contain? any pws?
thanks you best leaked forum website
(May 12, 2021 at 05:23 PM)OniF Wrote: [spoiler=account.csv | 69220 Rows]

Could you please reupload if you still have it. Thanks
thank you for sharring bro to postt.
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no longer available
i'm wait Mod close this thread
sorry guy
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