Peekaboo Moments 100GB ElasticSearch Breach
by geshem - January 15, 2020 at 04:36 PM

Besides for the PII leaked, the Peekaboo Moments Facebook API keys were leaked as well. This gives you access to the parents FB content. This is a great example of why not to use social network SSO functionality, there's no easy way to force a single sign off across all 3rd party apps.
Well, totally agree with you! It`s not the 1st "social" breach and not the last this 2020 year
Something to do with Facebook? Not surprised.
Oh thx for sharing. Had heard of leak but not that its 3rd party app. Make more sense this way.
I stopped being surprised after...

Quote:"Everything about the server, the company's website and the iOS/Android app was both bizarrely done and grossly insecure."

Peekaboo Moments, which appears to be run by a company based in China...
Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
Article says it was mainly the photos and videos leaked. And from a basic misconfiguration. This is the worst kind of breach

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