Party loyalty
by WombatMat - June 16, 2017 at 10:24 AM
Everyone is blindly loyal to their party/ideology. Whatever the fuck happened to thinking for yourself?

For instance, you can't get into a debate about economics without regulations coming up. The Left says we need them, the Right says burn them all. Why are both positions mutually exclusive? We need regulations for some things, not for others. Saying it can only be one way or the other is an extremely simplistic way of dealing with the problem.

Same thing with socialism vs capitalism. For fucks sake, the US military is a fundamentally socialist institution! So is social security, education, and basically every other essential social program. On the other hand, capitalism is one of the reasons we are the richest country on the planet. It is impossible for one to exist completely without the other, so why do we pretend that it can?

So, here is my point: why do we affiliate ourselves with a party or ideology at all? Why can't we agree with a party on certain things and not others? Why is it always "you are with us or against us"?

I like guns, am in favor of minimal government, am against ridiculous military spending, am a supporter of oppressed minorities, I like drugs, I don't mind gay/trans people, I support religious freedom, and I think we should kill a lot of rich bastards.

I am a member of no party.

Who is with me?
You're completely right, though I don't agree with all your preferences/points of view, but in the essence that it's a balance we're looking after rather than looking for one extreme or the other. I'm usually careful with voicing similar things, because before you know it you get those libertarian retards acting like they just invented the wheel after you, which are more annoying people than youtube rep/dem commenters imho.
Most people are too lazy to think for themselves.
If you don't think for yourself, someone will think for you.
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Make you're own party...sometimes its the only way.
I dont like party. It's too messy
There is no middle ground in 2017. You are either a 14/88 National Socialist or you are Marxist. I find that extremely sad.
Personally I identify as libertarian, but quite a few members of the libertarian party reject me because of my believes on taxes. It is what it is, and it's impossible to satisfy everyone.

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