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PanCakes Dox Who and Why We Did it
stop trying to frame niggas, fuck off rofl. -Dan
Ban reason: None (Permanent)
What the actual fuck
Nice try chaotiic
not him, dont try to get members banned faggot
cryptiq wut r u doign in there. LMFAO did you dox a rf member. KEK
who cares hes banned go ahead
Pretty sure i already said this but-
RIP Pancake
(08-23-2015, 01:33 AM)TheUndoxable Wrote:  Me Cryptic,Artic, and Small Doxed ThePancake. Even though Cryptic and Artic May neglect their participation in the Dox they were part of it as you can see in the screenshot below I took. 
Why you ask ? Simply Because we don't like him at all. 
[Image: 6b4wkHp.png]
[Image: 1DWRMsa.png]

this post is fucked, no one likes snitches
How was I part of it? I joined your public TeamSpeak, that doesn't make me part of this.
So you are using Arctic's screenshots to pretend that you were involved?
Also you missed out all the other people in the teamspeak, if you were involved you would know that what mcmaster posted is the Pancakes information.
Chaotiic u cunt trying to get me banned without knowing shit fuck off

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