PS4 or Xbox one?
by hccoooo - March 19, 2018 at 05:54 PM
Thread says it all. You prefer PS4 or Xbox One?
ps4 probably better, would still rather own an xbox1 though. Either way PC better
Depends to be honest. PS4 has better exclusives in my opinion, but Xbox has the better 4k system
Neither, PC master race all day.
I use PC instead of PS4 or Xbox I have a PS4 but don't really use it so I would go with PS4
neither both are fucking are fucking dead
Xbox 100% it had better Controls
Frankly, everything depends ... personally I'm used to PS4
PS4 because of the Uncharted
PS4 because of exclusives and better hardware.
PC masterrace! But uh Ps4 of those two.
PS4 has more exclusives than XB1, but XB1 has Game Pass which gets you pretty much free games.
PS4 has PSVR, but XB1 allows cross play with PC gamers.
XB1X is more powerful than the PS4 Pro - blah blah graphics 4k blah blah.

if you can afford it, get both. i own a PS4 Pro and an XB1 but hardly ever play my XB1.
and also buy a gaming PC.

it's only money, right?

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