PS4 or XBox
by spaceboy79 - June 06, 2018 at 06:46 PM
What you have at home
I have PS4
XB1 & PC & Switch. Loving the Switch the most.
at the moment any of this , just my PSP
I have an XBox at home
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Even though PC is the master race, id prefer PS4 though.
I have a ps4 which is mainly used as a PSvue machine right now...
Nintendo switch... Tongue next
I have both, but I play the Xbox alot more.
PS4 obviously bruhhhhhh
In my opinion xbox is better and cheaper ???? i hate PS pad too
Ps4 Exclusives are so much better than xbox
Ps4 > Xbox one

But if I would have to pick a favorite console of all time it would either be gamecube or ps2.

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