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PHP Tutorial 4 Newfags
Nice tutorial thanks for this
Thanks for the nice tutorial that you presented us! Smile
Thanks very interesting! You are good teacher!
brilliant tut. really good. tq!!
Thank you for sharing

Wow good tutorial thank you so much
Great tutorial bro. Keep it up
(12-26-2016, 11:31 PM)ponychan Wrote:  Good tutorial, but who uses PHP in 2017?

We have node.js, go, ruby on rails etc.

Actually, PHP is used a lot and is quite important in 2017. I mean, even RF's backend is in PHP. Yes, other languages are coming around, but PHP is still used by many businesses and websites around the world. Read this:

Want to get a job? Ruby and/or PHP. Collectively, these two languages power a significant portion of the public-facing internet and although they’ve fallen out of favor in some developer circles they’re still used by many businesses.

Want to become a full-stack developer? Node.js. Being able to use JavaScript across the stack is extremely nice and Node.js is an abstraction over solid C bindings means that it’s performance is pretty solid.

Want to tinker with big data? Python. Itself a great language to learn in general, it’s also one of few languages common to Data Science and would likely be awesome for any analytics/visualization projects.

Focused on concurrency? Go. Built to be a back-end language, it boasts great concurrency-handling, an impressive standard library, and is pretty convenient coming from other languages.

Want to be bleeding edge? Rust. Giving performance without sacrificing safety, it’s an extremely promising language. Somewhat difficult to pick up due to an aggressive compiler and strict rules and still immature in the back-end space but it has a lot of promise.

(Source: [A reputable programmer])
You could probably just google 'php tutorial' lmao.
Very useful, thanks.
Realy helpfull tutoriall really halped meh fuguree thes oot
Thanks for sharing your knowledge, pretty helpful.

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