PC, Xbox or Playstation
by Octopus - May 21, 2019 at 08:46 PM
I prefer PC and Playstation than Xbox
PC absolutely. Free modsĀ  are too good to give up
I love pc for gaming and built a very high end gaming pc but one thing I miss is the social asepct of xbox. Most people you meet play xbox and not pc lol
clearly PC but i like Playstation too
PC for certain games, Xbox for console gaming.
I used to play xbox, but now have switched to pc and i dont plan on having to pay to play online anymore.
i preffer playstation!
pc is the way to go but couch gaming with friends is pretty good
Xbox all day! Don't have an opinion on which of these is the best, but Xbox is what I play
i Prefer xbox, used to be into pc but got tired of constantly having to upgrade it

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