PC Ideas
by shiive - 07-31-2017, 06:33 PM
Trying to buy a decent pc for gaming, anyone got some good advice?
Just YouTube "Gaming pc builds for (amount you want to spend here)"

You will find lots of great gaming pc builds.
Do not buy the PC with Windows integrated - as it adds 100-200$ to the whole thing. To pay less, build it yourself by buying each part separatedly - you definitively won't regret it. Do not watch too much into cooling stuff unless you're planning to overclock your computer. Also, be careful to have harmony in your computer (do not buy a 1080 with a 60hz display)
i think you should find what you want on Google/YouTube, and yeah as Tempetek said, crack Windows (look up KMSPico) itll save you some money
At this point in time, buying a pre-built pc is better then building a complete new build, price wise.
If you want a prebuilt, make sure to look around and ensure you arent getting ripped off (people charginge like 500$ more than the components cost). Building your own is quite handy and feels accomplishing
what is ur budget? for purchase pc?
I would suggest to you to wait a bit because the parts are pretty expensive at this moment because of the miners
https://pcpartpicker.com/b/nKnH99 this one is aight for gaming
go to pcpartpicker it has some good gaming pc build but  it all comes down to the amount you are willing to spend
Depends heavily on your budget, for around 1k you can make a decent build.

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