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by OdinShop - April 24, 2020 at 08:23 PM
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Our Sections :
Hosting > [cPanels - RDP - SSH/WHM - Shells]
Sending > [Mailers - SMTP -  WebMail]
Accounts > [Marketing - Marketing - Steaming - VPN - dating - Games - Torrents - VOIP - Phone Numbers]
Emails > [Leads - Combo - Ceo Emails - CFO/CTO Emails]
Other > [PHP Scripts - Shop Scripts - Python Scripts]

Why OdinShop ?!

1 - [ our platform is automated in buy/refund system if the seller did not replace/reply to your ticket/report within 12hours your order will be refunded automatically ]
2 - [ we have an automated checker in our main sections to help you buy the working/valid product to save you time from opening reports and waiting for replies ]
3 - [ we offer our free help to install your landing-pages and configure it for you if you are a beginner or if you have any other issue we can help contact us ]
4 - [ with our knowledge in Linux operating systems we would like to offer our assistance for anything you need like SSH ... or anything else ]
5 - [ the buyer/customer is our number one priority we are here to serve you not to serve the seller, although we treat our sellers with most professional way, and we provide them with the ultimate most advanced systems to conduct business, and they them themselves know how important the customer is ]
6 - [ we have a special team for consulting and answering your questions about all of our products, issues and requests ]
7 - [ we will are in constant update for both our beloved buyers and sellers ] ENJOY our shop and contact us for any issue it WILL be resolved or any request it will be fulfilled ]

Promotions :

- We have many bonuses announced every time and then, please keep an eye on the news section.

- we are accepting sellers, please open a ticket and be ready to provide High Quality samples of what you are willing to sell/provide to our customers.

please note: we are in beta release kindly contact us through pm or open a ticket for any site related issue or any request you have, looking forward to serving you, Enjoy our services.

Our Official Shop links for now is:

We do not have any official discord or telegram, our only contact is through the site's contact system.
I saw your ad on another forum.

Welcome to RaidForums.
This forum account is currently banned. Ban Length: Permanent (N/A).
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(April 24, 2020 at 10:49 PM)kermer Wrote: I saw your ad on another forum.

Welcome to RaidForums.

thanks bro Smile glad i am here, let me know if you need anything cheers
cPanels - Shells available If you need a specific shell for SEO purposes contact me i will check it for you
NordVpn Premium Accounts added in shop
Validated Email Leads being added to shop
RDPs Available :

1- created with method

2- hacked
we are doing some improvements to the cPanel section it will be available shortly sorry for the inconvenience.
Windscribe Premium Accounts Available in shop
Leads section updated - please report any non working tool immediately for a refund / replacement
RDP Added hacked and created
cPanels added in shop

reminder to all buyers: after you purchase any item if you face any issue with it go to ( orders ) click report it will be replaced or refunded.

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