Over my dead body.
by Loki - February 21, 2016 at 01:17 PM
Hello there this is deepforums,
So I was watching this program, which follows terminally ill people until they die.
Its kinda sad because most of the people in this program are 30 or younger.
They all have this bucketlist they wanna finish before they die.
So having that in mind, I like to ask Raidforums the question:
What would you do If you were terminally Ill?

Ps: The link to the series for all my Dutch Raiders, http://www.npo.nl/zoeken?utf8=%E2%9C%93&...+mijn+lijk
I would go all vigilanty,
Why not save a life when you have nothing to lose?
I would die.

Jk, I would donate my organs or tf you do
to be honest id just go out and try to make as many people possible happy donating what i have raising money etc id like to spend my final months with my family tho and have any of my organs that are possible to anyone that needs them
Id just try and be a nice person and enjoy my final days
stop with these gay threads, I beg of you.
Thinking about it i probably would just carry on as normal. Wanking and shitposting on RF

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