Opinions about the Las Vegas shooting. Was it Isis?
by qtlax - October 03, 2017 at 04:33 AM
Curious how you guys feel about the attack and did he act alone?
Does it look like it was fucking ISIS??? Use your head and stop making these bullshit ass posts for credits.
It doesn't seem like it was ISIS. Even though they're claiming responsibility for it, I don't believe them for one second. There isn't any way for them to have done this, it doesn't have any of the telltale signs of their work.
The easiest thing to do is be smart, but I do not think it was ISIS. This is the work of a sick mind.
ISIS is claiming every terrorist attack lately. That's actually a good tactic, makes them look stronger than they are.

This doesn't look remotely like an ISIS attack.
There is no way it was actually isis. They just love to strike fear in everyone.
No way it was ISL they just need attentionm
They are responsible for this attack as well as they are for justin bieber's new song.
ISIS aren't responsible, when was the last time ISIS pull off a large kill count like this? Only because it was a successful attack with large kill count and injury count is why ISIS have claimed responsibility. But when the feds identify the motives behind the attack then the world ill laugh once again at ISIS poor false claims because they are incapable of being so successful in the US.
(October 04, 2017 at 11:42 AM)Hypervisor Wrote: They are responsible for this attack as well as they are for justin bieber's new song.

Oh wow now dat i tink boot it dat makes sense
lost huge amounts in Mandalay Bay casino
He had to act alone. He was a 64 year-old white guy. If he acted for ISIS I will be surprised. The odds of him being an ISIS operative is nearly impossible.

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