OpenWRT on Mikrotik as a MetaRouter
by teamkelvinsecteam - January 15, 2020 at 05:11 PM
Prepare Mikrotik for Metarouter

[Image: 1*slAGyPXWKxor42CS3cRNLw.jpeg]
I connected in terminal over SSH protocol. It’s possible to do it over WebFig.
Using the latest version of Mikrotik firmware I got an error:

import failed: file in archive goes out of root directory: ./usr/

So, I downgraded to the last working version with Metarouter.

/tool fetch

/system package downgrade

and press “y” key it will downgrade and reboot automatically.

Now I have successfully downgrade firmware, this step also will be useful for older version exploitation in the following write-ups.

/system routerboard print
routerboard: yes
model: 951G-2HnD
serial-number: XXXXXXXXXXX
firmware-type: ar9344
factory-firmware: 3.10
current-firmware: 6.45.6
upgrade-firmware: 6.45.7

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