Only earning one credit from new posts
by ImminentSilence - 11-18-2017, 11:24 PM
I thought each new post was meant to reward you with two credits, have things changed?
depends on what section you're posting in.
some sections give you credits and some don't. it'll say in the the "section information" how much credits you get from posting.
yeah pred changed the remuneration in some sections
nope, and two for are reply
The forums that do give credits give 2, except Introductions which is 1 credit. The fastest way to get credits is to purchase them here, which also helps keep the forums alive Biggrin
as sem says "The fastest way to get credits is to purchase them"
you can see in the head of section if posting in it gives you credits
you just need to be attentive in this case
but actually if you're coming to forums it means you want to share with other people your thoughts in particular topics that you like and it does not depend on earning credits or something.

eh I hope I made it at least understandable to read -_-
i just reply to won 2 points here but that's legit Wink
when i comment something this give me one credit right?
thanks for your try and i will not post in news section to waste time.
Introductions is one credit per post (some boards don't give credits for posts), a post is two credits, and a thread is three credits.

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