One step to a unresolvable Skype (Mac, Linux, Windows)
by Penguin - October 01, 2015 at 04:08 PM
So there is a simple trick to getting Skype not resolvable
I would recommend still allowing direct connections to contacts and the basic
but it works for meh maybe it works for you

1. Find your skype directory
2. There should be a folder with your skype username, open it.
3. Find a file called "config.xml"
4. Find the line "<Account>"
5. Directly after that line put the line " <PrivateSkypeMode>1</PrivateSkypeMode> "
6. Save the file
7. Restart your skype

Now when someone tries to resolve your IP through Skype it'll return as "No IP found"
This is used for Linux and Os x (mac). On linux you can change the ports but on mac you don't so this is a solution!

Notes: For some reason the "<PrivateSkypeMode>1</PrivateSkypeMode>" gets moved to the bottom. Don't worry it still works.
Nice tutorial, and will help out the newer members.
Thanks for this i hope it works
I dont think this is needed any more, no?

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