Old but good brutforce!
by kotsvg - January 17, 2019 at 01:45 PM
Hello! Who's still use brutforce? Or is it not actual now?
Is that an introduction? haha
looks like he can't read the topic properly..
Hmm i need some list of actual brut software
Welcome to the forum. Bruteforce is dead, unless you're trying to crack DES passwords from an old Linux machine. (Such passwords only had 56-bits of entropy because crypt() would only basically take the user provided password, truncate it to the first eight characters, and then cram the first 7-bits of each character into a buffer; thereby creating a password which only had 56-bits of entropy.)

In general, either stick to dictionary attacks with word mangling, or use an existing password dump and perform a search using the most common passwords in that dump. For such cases, Hashcat is decent if you have GPUs available, and John the Ripper can be used as a CPU-intensive alternative. I have not found either to be great at clustered/distributed cracking across many devices on the same network, but I also haven't tried particularly hard as I use them solely for hobbyist exploration, so running on one machine isn't a huge limitation for me.
Hi Kotsvg,

Thanks for the info TheGhostTown.

Happy cracking!

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