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Okay i found something that gets you high
Okay so you take a belt not a noose a belt and wrap it around your neck and go to something that has a curve on it so you can pull the belt over but keep your hand on it and pull until you lose air and start feeling light headed then let go and you feel super buzzed and high and forget everything its only for like 10 seconds but it feels so goods
were you dropped as a child, what kind of idiotic shit...
Too early to be shitposting this hard

[Image: 6e8.jpg]
I mean... This will work, but side effects include permanent brain damage.
Ban reason: Doxing RF members || || (Permanent)
you forgot to mention a key're suppose to masturbate as you do this...... its an old hack known as auto erotic asphyxiation....try it, except when you feel light headed don't let go, your mom will have a nice surprise when she comes home and finds your fat blue tongue cock out
man im glad i got this tutorial! thanks a lot man now i can die
cool will try this and return to post results thx op!!!
WTF man you are insane xD
You're definitely the first person to discover this.
Almost sounds like a good idea....
I once tried hanging myself with the car seat belt.

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