Ok I'm boutta PM every single Romain Merle on the entirety of Facebook
by notblurro - November 29, 2021 at 12:31 PM
This guy yeah, he owns a rare account for smth which I'd like to buy off him. I have his email (which fortunately for me is just his name: [email protected] ), he has a Facebook and LinkedIn account (which I found out from 'forgot password') but that's where the leads die. I believe he's moved to a new email anyway.

I looked around everywhere a ton myself. I've tried finding people on this site to get any info from them, they found a guy but no concrete evidence that it's the right person. I bought Spokeo which still didn't find anything so I'm quite stuck now.

So yeah unless someone can help me out and find something noone else has I'm gonna have to go on FB, look up Romain Merle, and PM every single one of those dudes

aight thanks for reading

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