OTHER DailyMotion 1.1 Million Email:Pass AND User:Pass
by Need - February 26, 2020 at 06:38 AM
DailyMotion.com    1.1m    01/2020 -> most recent email:pass and user:pass

All emails lowercased

I downloaded the DailyMotion breach and then paired the hashes with cracked ones from hashes.org

Note: I have seen a dailymotion email:pass before, however mine has more lines and also I am including a user:pass version too, which I haven't seen anywhere

Also, the full database has 85 million lines, however only 16,147,134 have hashes. 6.77% of those hashes have been cracked (The hash type is bcrypt, which is tough)

Line count: 1,093,320 each


Set 1 of download links = Email : Pass
Set 2 of download links = User : Pass

(If the first link in a set has issues, try the other)

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I have moved your thread from Databases to Combolists because I deemed that the content you have posted is not a database and is in fact a combolist.
Thanks, man for your efforts!
Thanks man. Much appreciated.
Thanks man. Much appreciated.
thanks man for sharing.
you are the best
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Thanks for the big combo to check out.
wow you are great, hope I get something
Thank you friendo, looking for good combo providers!
Nice, very good, very good
Thank you for the contribution!
Thanks man. Much appreciated.

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