OMIGOD MASS LOADER For Botnets AND Miners | OMI EXPLOIT [CVE-2021-38647]
by stucksn3t - September 18, 2021 at 12:28 AM
Hello RaidForums,
We made custom loader script for botnets & miners such as mirai and qbot botnets...
It's Azure OMI Vulnerability called OMIGOD (CVE-2021-38647)
There is active 18K vulnerable devices actively running if you search on shodan this parameter:
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Quote:Contact Us For Purchase.
I've already exploited every single one and hacked them all
Contact with us for more details and purchasing.
If you are looking mass exploit loaders, contact us.
are you fucking kidding me you charged me 8 points to tell me some shit i already know not only that but tell me to buy from you and expect me to trust you after you just clickbaited me f you buddy

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