[OLD] Database Trading/Buying/Selling/Requesting
Trading DBs

Trading any types of DBs right now mostly collecting MC DBS

PM me or msg on xmpp for main list
hello i am trading database db date before 2016

Hike.in 170M
`token`, `msisdn`, `uid`, `app_version`, `device_key(IMEI)`, `dev_id`, `reg_time`, `dev_token`, `dev_token_update_ts`, `dev_version`, `dev_type`, `os`, `os_version`, `upgrade_time`, `last_activity_time`, `attributeBits`, `sound`, `end_time`, `original_app_version`, `operator`, `resolution`, `circle`, `pdm`

gaadi.com : email:plainpass,number,address 3+m
yatra.com : email:pass and other info 7+m
makaan.com : email pass and others info 3+m
Looking for Taringa database here. Need proof and escrow. Thanks.
(09-04-2017, 05:01 PM)loalotasrosrnt Wrote:  Looking to sell Zomato.com, DailyMotion.com and Taringa.net

I want Taringa.net but need proof
Hey, i'm new on here so i'm not sure if i'm doing it good, i just want to know if someone have any habbo hotel db ( if its habbo.es better, but i know its hard) , or just a personal db of someone , tysm.
Looking for USA Business 105MM leak.
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