[OLD] Database Trading/Buying/Selling/Requesting
I love to buy fresh food and do not like old food

Who has fresh food puts us and puts our menu fresh
Will purchase large email(or phone):username: databases for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google. I Do NOT need password.
looking for EBAY 2014 data breach - 145 M emails. please contact if you are willing to trade/sell
I need an up-to-date mailing list. the fee. pm
Selling Epicnpc 2016 db id:user:hash:email:ip

PM me we can use middleman as I'm new here ! Smile
looking for i-dressup
Hi...plz post someone Naughtyamerica fully decrypted Database
https://ghostbin.com/paste/twydc Pm on Telegram @Coperrr Or @Jew1189 on Discord
Selling exclusives, nothing under 2500€. Will not provide list, without proof of funds.
Trading DBs

Have lots of DBs but est are my mc DBs have one of the biggest mc lists
PM or Msg on xmpp [email protected] for lists + trades
will purchase bitcoin databases , pm me
So apparently there are 2 different DLH.net dumps, it seems like only one of them has been shared here. Anybody got both ?

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