"OG" verified & botted YT accounts talking shit | Slandering RF
by AgainstTheWest - November 24, 2021 at 05:33 AM
These accounts were exposed to be botted and bought accounts. You've probably seen them pop up before.
Went inside this Discord to see if I could troll them a little. Looks like they got a bit mad.

Supporting links:

[Image: a717f209f66a3ffb3a6099fe87ba3f9e.png]
[Image: 942c0d227e780974bc5268a7d1954d9f.png]
[Image: 8b96e0ff2463cf6e944d0e466e646774.png]
[Image: 5a0c028616db0a6d06678ae36a7d3bec.png]
[Image: 7343d58fba8dbba6e4bbb7d245418243.png]
[Image: 2817acf8d14591253b3bb0f4f1a12a42.png]
you joined my discord begged me to give you famous role i said no then you tried flexing using raid forums get a grip on reality you really need it

edit - you also flexed having unknown news articles made about you i promise i can pay $15 and they would write a whole thread on me lmfao
you joined the server and begged for the "famous" role and stated "making the news multiple times is more notable than being in a youtube comment section" and proceeded to link multiple tweets and articles (from random ass sites nobody knows about) with no more than 10 likes or views showing how "famous" you really were, when you were told no you started calling everyone harmless, i actually got second hand embarrassment from you joining and crying over a role in a discord server

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