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[OFFICIAL]What do you guys watch ?
Yo guys, what do you watch the mostly based on Anime/Manga ?
Mostly seinen, I find shonen boring... it is always the same scenario
bleach, and death note aswell
Shounen, Shoujo & Romance...
Nanatsu no taizai broski all the way down to manga
I give a prefence to horror stories, but pretty much I read any thing that catch my attention.

Don't watch much anime. Hate adaptations.
The Gamer...

some chinese mangas are really good too

korean with color is nice
I watch / Read pretty much all types of Anime/Manga

When i to favorite genre it has to be Mystery though as every episode on a good Mystery anime will make your brain confused & you will end up with a bunch of different theories of what the episode is about Smile

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