[OFFICIAL] Netsparker Standard - 16 November 2021 by h0nus
by h0nus - November 16, 2021 at 10:05 PM
Thanks for share h0nus, Great Share ...
(November 16, 2021 at 10:05 PM)h0nus Wrote: Hi guys, as always i'm releasing Netsparker Standard crack:

- Original,
- Clean,
- Not packed,
- No bloat shit,
- No connections

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MSL.Core.Scheme.dll: Here
MSL.UI.dll: Here
MSL.Core.Interface.dll: Here

Version: Standard
Release Date: 16 November 2021



    Added Node.js sensor for Netsparker Shark (IAST).
    Added OWASP API Top 10 classification and report template.


    Added signature matching to Web app fingerprint checker.
    Added patterns for Base64 encoded DOM Cross-site Scripting.
    Added phpMyAdmin Version Disclosure security check..
    Added Atlassian Confluence Version disclosure and Out-of-date security checks.
    Added exclusion feature to JavaScript Library detection.
    Added PHP Version Detection via phpinfo() call.
    Added the Shopify Identified security check.


    Added the Bridge URL and Shark token support for Netsparker Shark (IAST).
    Added setting to configure Session Cookie Names.
    Updated CWE classification category orders for Out-of-date templates.
    Improved Cross-site Scripting attack pattern.
    Added support for exploiting local storage and session storage in the DOM XSS security checks.
    Added highlighting support for custom scripts.
    Added Web Application Firewall to the site profile.
    Changed the default ignored parameter comparison to case insensitive.
    Added 'Is Encoded' option to OAuth2 parameters.
    Added JWT Token pre-request script template.
    Added the CSP Not Implemented that will be reported as confirmed.
    Added the Subresource integrity not implemented that will be reported as confirmed.


    Fixed the issue that Content-Type header missing was reported when there was no content in the response.
    Fixed the issue FP JWT was reported in a not found response.
    Fixed the issue possible and confirmed vulnerabilities reported in the same URL.
    Marked weak TLS ciphers.
    Fixed the issue proof that was generated even when the proof generation option was disabled in the scan policy.
    Fixed FP WAF Identified.
    Fixed the issue vulnerability count in root node is not updated when a vulnerability is removed and Blind XSS was prioritized over the Reflected Cross-site Scripting.
    Fixed the issue source code disclosure is reported in binary responses.
    Fixed the issue fingerprint checker crashes when an applications file could not be found.
    Fixed the issue object-src missing was reported when default-src is provided in CSP security checks.
    Fixed the issue that some cipher suites are not reported as weak.
    Fixed the issue classification links were not rendered correctly when there are multiple values.
    Fixed the issue proof prefix was added when there were no more characters to be found.
thanks a lot bro  Heart thanks a lot bro  Heart

i love your work you are so pro
Thank you for the new update. Very usefull
Thank you for sharing !!
h0nus Best! Guys, I do not advise you to take it with an incomprehensible content of this clown www.dr-farfar.com!
thank bro, very helpful
thanks for the share!!!!!!!!!!!
Very cool!
thank you h0nus for this one. much beter then dr far far
Thanks for share @h0nus, Great Share ...
very nice share as always, thank you
Thank you for this new release
Thanks a lot for sharing this!

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