North korea
by Beaniebaby - February 03, 2018 at 11:20 AM
So how about these North koreans.  You think they are ever gonna pull the trigger?
North Korea is nothing more than the Guantanamo bay of China. When the Chinese are ready to go to war, Kim Jong Un will change tactics. None of today's world leaders are stupid enough to wage nuclear war. There's a reason they call it the cold war.
I think there might be a posibility to start military war (i say military,because coldwar allready exist-pc atacks,etc). So if a military/weapons war starts, it will be from that situation and tension from NK or fro mTrump Wink
Everyone knows they won't pull it lol
ping pong ping ping pong. no. they cant see shit with their shitty chinese eyes
It's a tricky situation.
engry goverment this country
no chance. all talk.
if there is a north korean on raid can they come out?
I wonder why no one in NK just shoots that moron and finish with it
the're cool come onnn

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