Noob In The House!
by forexbear - January 22, 2021 at 07:14 AM
Hello Comrades! 

hope all is well & wishing all users a strong healthy physical body Smile we are nothing without our health.


very cool i'd like to comment, im here to learn and grow my human brain, and hopfully come out a better person then the old me.

my goal is to make enough $$$ for my family, we have been struggling n yadi yada;  this is the place i can change my life for the better though i can see that.

1. got some downloads using MEGA ( figuring out how to open the SRT files)

2. wanted to know since im so new what is the practices on this and best way to not piss off our wonderful community, i know sometimes you must seed but not sure how to do that yet, so dont want to only leech >.< if someone can explain if i need to seed what i download and whats best n safest way for this.

3. how to solve the storage situation ( i know we all have this problem LMFAO)
i dont have any methods in place to help me store things on cloud or online/drive, what is a good way to manage memory.

4. how can i make wonderful meaningful connections here, im in it for the long haul in everything i do but im so uneducated right now im afraid ill come across useless at this point in time :x 

wonderful night im signing off im so gratful for the rips and breachs out there found some dropshipping & online money training out there which i can explain how valuble it is to me, i believe if i consume information like this i can help my family and make sure they retire and dont live in a box like i had to.

thanks guys.
OK Vinny, cool post you got there.
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I like you got goals and plan. Welcome to RF dude!
welcome bro, this post is really cool and original lmaoo hope ya doin good
welcome newbie! nice to meet you!
Hey there,

welcome to this forum. its a great place to be in
thanks all for the warm welcomes -- i've got a storage of 2 TB for this ridiculous storage space ill be needing now

feel free to send a friend request or private message if you want to keep chatting.

im assuming that the culture here = dont be a cuck or a fuck head and you will be fine.
so ill operate under that assumption, thanks for the welcome again.

maybe ill start vlogging my journey now Smile

(January 22, 2021 at 04:00 PM)givneer Wrote: I like you got goals and plan.  Welcome to RF dude!

thank you Smile i intent to make it happen!
hope we all get what we want here.
Just grab some cheap external drives and put them in RAID , that should fix the storage issue.
Wishing you luck for your wishful thinking.

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