News article about new leaks for sale (34 million records, 17 companies)
by recon222 - November 03, 2020 at 03:33 PM
Hackers Selling a Total of 34 Million User Records Stolen From 17 Companies

According to the seller, the following information is exposed per breach: emails, SHA1 hashed passwords, mailing and billing addresses, full name, phone numbers, partial credit cards numbers and exp dates emails, hashed passwords, name, gender, phone number emails, bcrypt-sha256/sha512 hashed passwords, usernames, names, DoB, gender, mobile phone number, Brazilian CPF numbers – emails, password bcrypt, name, address, phone, revenue, bank, tax number, id number, gender, job, company, mothers maiden name email, phone email, password pbkdf2-sha256/unknown, name email, password md5, name, phone, gender, facebook id & token email, password md5, ip, facebook & twitter id, names, birthdate, phone, zip email, password unknown, name, phone, address email, password md5, username, birthdate, name email, password sha512, phone, Facebook id – email, password bcrypt, ip, country, city, state, phone, name email, password md5crypt, ip, name, country email, password bcrypt, name, phone email, password bcrypt, name, phone, gender, birthdate email, password md5, name, cpf, birthdate email, password bcrypt/sha1, username, ip
I just wonder where is he selling this! Smile)
I found him
please pm me for the price

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