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Newfeg Alert!
hello everybody, I basically joined this forum so I can be a part of this community and hopefully learn something. If you can provide me with some tips to be a productive member to this community, please do so.
Welcome @Socrates To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

If you take the time to read the rules and read some of the threads, i'm sure you will pick up some useful tips, there is nothing wrong with being a Rftechpony, just learn how to raid properly and learn how things work and in no time you will be an awesome raider!
Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy the community and the raids! Smile Kappa Kappa Smile
Get to know some people right away, join a Raiding Team so you get some experience, then you can work your way up to bigger/better teams.

Enjoy your stay & don't be like @techpony11.

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