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New team - NoDucksGiven
Hello guys, I am glad to announce a new team called NoDucksGiven.

A team unlike others, but we still give no fucks.

We aim big, and go for the stars, and we expect a bunch of respect among members, or they will be kicked.

Currently we are looking for a whole team, everything from DOX'ers, and prank callers(with the sexy voices, you know), to youtubers who can run our channel, and graphic artists.

I got around $200 ready for promotion, tools, and resources.

If you wish to join, feel free to fill out this form, and drop it here.

What are you're skills:
Previous experience:
Nice team name, also I would also recommend you move this to the unofficial teams forum
(04-28-2015, 12:10 PM)LordHarpo Wrote:  Nice team name, also I would also recommend you move this to the unofficial teams forum
Description of the section is "You can request to make teams here. This is also the place to see the rules for the teams.", I expected it to be here.
Name: jondo
Age: 18
What are you're skills: editting, recording, trolling
Previous experience: youtube
Other: ily
Ban reason: None (Permanent)

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