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by twitban - February 04, 2019 at 03:03 PM
Hi ,

Enjoy to join this forum.
Don't have any new database leak or any porn to submit .  Just few notes about password hashing on operating systems.
This is pretty useful. It might be good to add the value for an empty password with each algorithm as well, not only for identifying but also if you get write access to the password file on a system.
Welcome to this forum, and thanks for your gift. It's useful for me.
Many thanks for this, very nice lil contribution. Welcome
this is nice. i will try PBKDF2 my actual pw and compare it to the stored one Smile
Don't be so hard on yourself! lol welcome and look at the response already! Thanks for sharing.
Welcome to this forum, freshmen, and what's more, thanks for your gift. It's useful for me.
Welcome to the forum and thanks for that link. I'll take some time later and look at it.
this forum is bomb welcome bro check the leaks and enjoy
Welcome to the forum and thanks for the link!
Welcome to the forum mate. Smile
Welcome on this great forum.
Introduction is here Smile

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