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New, have questions
Ok I have question about the site and Twitch related 

 1. How often do you do raids and how will I know? 
2. When using VPN, Zenmate, how do I make an account on Twitch? I was banned/blocked from site, switched locations and when I sign up there is no human test pic thing?
1. System 32 , Songrequests ,Hijacks , And making people rage.

2. Change your IP or Go on IOS , Im on IOS.

There and Also Welcome!
1. Go to the shoutbox, people will always be posting links to raids, click on a twitch link and go to one you think you can help raid.

2. Try using Hotspot Shield and see if the Captcha still doesn't show up.
EDIT I read it wrong :1. 7 times and go to shoutbox to find some.
Thanks everyone, got my human test thing working for some reason but still wanna know for future references, and thanks for letting me know about the shoutbox.
Finally a Rftechpony who isnt too far on the spectrum.
Usually there is always at least one active raid albeit sometimes very small
These are usually Twitch spam or song request raids, raids, or Younow raids
Most of the time you can find links to these raids in the shout box
Every now and then we will have a larger raid
These are usually Twitch hijacks, streams of prank calls, streams of IP cams, Habbo or Club Penguin raids, Talk Show call in pranks, or Twitch System 32 or Cooked Laptop pranks
These larger raids as well can usually be found in the shout box
Google hangouts are another type of raid and while the forums rules are known to switch between these links being allowed in shout box or not it is always within the rules for users to send personal messages to one and other with links to google hangouts

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