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New fag.
Name: Ozorii, Dont ask me how i got it.

Age: old enough

Why the fuck are you here kid?: cuz. i want to have the rarest pepe's and make all Normies burn.

Race: I dont fucking know.

Other shit: i join google hangouts and dont talk. i play chilish games because i have nothing better to do. im learning to ddos atm,
any old fags that wanna teach me step right up. i am currently stalking brittnay venti, because one day im gonna date her and then ddos her. im a cold hearted fuck nugget. i do watch anime but to a very low amount. i have no life. chreak was never life for me. nor was he love, Tossic is senpai. dont bother asking who that is.

Someone needs to show me how to make a dank signature

~allah haurkbar
Welcome @Ozorii To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Welcome! Sadly the Pepe has become so devalued it was cheaper to burn them all as fuel to power the server hosting RF and we no longer supply a Pepe with your obligatory penis inspection.
I too wish to see all Normies burn.

Step 1 to a dank signature: do the opposite of what I did.
top kek thanks m8
Yo yo! Welcome to forums dawg.

You can make dank signatures with photoshop. My recommendation is looking up a tutorial but the easier process I can tell you now is to download photoshop, download a bunch of text and template and color packs for it. Find a image render on google. And you try testing it out from there.
pay me 5$ and i make u a dank singaturion
I have the rarest pepe so fuck off
Welcome to raidforums, if you want a good stresser for ddosing check out
Pay me 2$ and i'll make a signature betterr than ojs Kappa

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