New To RF
by TruthSploit - November 22, 2021 at 06:05 PM
hey im Truthsploit, im a greyhat hacker. im really known for swatting pedos (im basically online chris hassen).
im pretty young but good at what i do. i use kali linux on a virtual box. im in HTB academy... 
i never signed up for any forums so im excited to see what im getting my self into :D
Careful, we don't allow discussion or planning of swattings on here.
Otherwise, Welcome to RaidForums! Enjoy your stay.
Swatting pedos is ok, but unluckily you are not allowed to do this here.
Anyway have a good time on RF
Truthsploit welcome to the forums

I'[m sure you'll find that within the forums you are in good company

As others highlighted make sure to read the rules and if you do end up with any questions don't hesistate to ask

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