Need recommendation for database hacking
by tinilalo - September 18, 2021 at 01:37 AM
Hi I am currently referring to 2 books - 
1. Web application hacker's handbook (This is an old book but is rich in knowledge)
2. a book on SQL injection strategies (book is good but only works as a cookbook without getting deep into more details)

I have a basic understanding of burpsuite as of now, but I want to further explore. 

I am more curious on this topic as I want to further explore on how to get the database dump, and how can I assess a huge database.

Any good reads or resources would be a great help to increase my knowledge.

Thanks in advance.
I think there are a lot more outthere. Thanks , anyway!
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Check out tools available with kali, metasploit, offensive security. Welcome to the forums
Portswigger's Academy if not worked through that is great (free)
Once you've mastered burp intruder you shouldn't have any issues pulling databases if vulnerable

Pentesterlab is paid for if you want pro but is web focused and can find the challenges and research on google for free and do it on your own

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Welcome to raid we hope you like it here
Welcome, welcome! Nice to see you here!
welcome to the forum. even though the book is old, most people don't patch and old things work!
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