Nazi Mods or No Mods?
by DashSashBash彡 - October 03, 2015 at 04:56 AM
Poll: Would you rather have Nazi Mods or No Mods?
You do not have permission to vote in this poll.
Nazi Mods
20 83.33%
No Mods
4 16.67%
* You voted for this item. Total 24 vote(s) 100%

Would you rather have nNazimods looking at every little thing that you do or no mods so the chat turns to cancer and the posts are spam?
I would honestly rather have Nazi Mods. Shoutbox and forums would be too cancerous, driving the members away. The rules are basic, and still let you have fun. Nazi mods just enforce the rules literally and very specifically. It's not like they add their own rules such as "Hey, picture and hangout links are now banned" or anything.
Nazi Mods I wouldn't even want to see RF without mods kappa
This forum account is currently banned. Ban Length: Permanent (N/A).
Ban Reason: Unbanned without reason by Nain ~
pretty sure once the SB becomes FFA, the point of raiding is dead lol
Nain is a Nazimods He banned me just because I typed Stop Nain 123
LOL, above me, anyway. I prefer nazi mods, can you even fucking imagine all of the CP and Gore that would start to flood into the SB without them? Good god.
I love nazis....
I'd honestly prefer Nazi Mods then no mods..
Anarchists are stupid. Nazism is at least a coherent ideology. Therefore I prefer Nazimods.
Nazi Mods. If there were no mods we'd probably get shut down by the FBI for spreading mass cancer
It seems alot of people complain about Nazimods , but they keep the sb from being extreme cancer. Unless they are super Nazimods that they ban you for every little thing.
Nazi mods you faggit

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