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Naruto vs One Piece
Naruto. Don't know about manga but one piece anime drag too much.
One Piece. Naruto is so overrated!!
I find both Naruto and One Piece being too draggy. Even after Naruto there's Boruto, never ending.
it has to be Naruto for me
i prefer naruto & boruto
naruto is good for brainless shit, one piece has a decent story.
I like them both. They have different stories to tell.
One piece has been destroyed after the time skip. You should go with naruto.
Naruto all the way~ It's so fun~
both are quite different imo, but i perfer naruto over one peice. i have seen both
Naruto definitely. One Piece is still pretty good tho
Well, in One Piece, it never feels like they are doing the same, there's progression and stuff. Naruto in my opinion is like the Harry Potter of Manga in that he main character is generally useless except at some points. One Piece, yeah, too long but oMG the progression...

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