Naruto vs One Piece
by asim19 - August 12, 2021 at 07:33 PM
I also clearly say Naruto. Is simply a great series!
I like naruto , its story and created world is more original
I grew up with one piece, so I lean more towards one piece, however, naruto has a very solid and finished story. One piece has some very good arcs and some very bad ones, personally I'm liking the current one a lot.
but I'd say Naruto for the simple fact that it's finished, and one piece still has time to mess it up pretty bad
def one piece i mean naruto is way overrated imo
I think the worlds they have both created are wonderful even outside their main plot.
naruto's plot is more concise and emotional and the fights are more intense and "adult"? not sure if adult is the word though...
onepiece's plot has more mysteries and secrets to unravel, along with a path that has lasted many many years, some of us have grown up with it.
that's why i think i would give the points to One Piece even though sometimes it is repetitive or childish.
my fav only naruto!!!!!!!!!
One peace is so big !..
1 saison.

Mais je préfère naruto c'est bien plus intéréssant
one piece, everyone of my friends told me one piece is shit after one year they watched it ^^
ye you know what they answer naruto is good, and emotional but one piece is love
(August 12, 2021 at 10:49 PM)NotSoSerious Wrote: definitely naruto my dude without hesitation

I swear. People here should know by now.
One Piece is MUCH better than naruto after marineford.
Saya terkadang menyaksikannya di YouTube, cukup menarik ketika Luffy melawan songoku, tapi di dalamnya hadir tokoh utama dalam anime lain seperti dari anime Bleach dan kawan kawannya. Kadang ingin tertawa sendiri. Hedeeh.
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One piece still has the potential to be better than naruto, just give them time

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