by Meddigo - 04-04-2018, 03:53 AM
So took me bout' 5 minutes to make, but that's no problem. Fits my drugs and depression theme with one of my favourite artists, Lil' Peep. The chinese writing in the middle translates to 'Depression'.

[Image: FH6nikj.jpg]

Your thoughts?
That's a god damn work of art if I ever saw one
i'm a white teenager/10
You couldn't even remove the backgrounds of the lil peep logo and crack pipe, this is a joke right?
WOW nice dude, p100 desktop
Pretty edgy. Good work.
too white make more black
I like the drugs man XD pills are good
Why hasn't a graphics design company hired you yet?
Could definitely use some work that's for sure. You are goonna work on this some more, right?
oh man i feel for u stay strong
to much white on the background

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