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My name is memeraiders.
I am a 4chan user that likes to raid games. I am not into twitch raids but i watch twitch raids. I also known as the habbo raider from 2011. It was a golden year for me. 

I joined raiding community now. Feel free calling me a Rftechpony. I dont need to be any staff or vip.
Welcome @MemeRaiders To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Welcome to Raidforums, don't be cancer.
Whalecum to rf ....
Ban reason: Was given second chance but continued scamming users, [email protected] (Permanent)
inb4 its mememachine
Welcome to Raidforums enjoy your stay
oh shit it dat habbo raider. waddup
Welcome to Raidforums take your honorary tmod rank, we're just handing them out nowadays.
does meme even come here anymore?
inb4 memeter

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