My first post!
by raidlols - September 03, 2020 at 02:05 AM
Tried registering and said I was registered lol. Cant believe I forgot about this.

I am interested in redteam assessment and hardware alike i.e. HIDs and getting started into RF spectrum. Hope to contribute one day and learn from you guys as well!
That's a nice surprise. Have fun!
Just seeing if I get a credit for making a post here. Smile
Not sure, I'm making a post to see if or how to get credits.
I'm hoping this can work so that I can get 8 credits.
If I can get 8 credits I can then download a data base list.
Once I get the list I want to upload it to Gmail
Once I have it in gmail I can promote some offers.
Ok look at that I have 1 credit. Cool Smile
Yet I have posted 6 times and should I not have 6 credits?
Maybe it is just 1 credit per post, so I will try a different post, to post in.

Enjoy and have fun here!!

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