My dads left leg got amputated :c
by tombest77 - 03-16-2019, 11:21 PM
His legĀ got cut off because he was in a situation with a man and a knife and apparently there was blood on the knife from a hepatitis relatedĀ illness sufferer so he had to have his leg amputated.

Idk what I should do to support him now tbh, My mum wants to leave him too :c
I hope you can work through this, have a nice day Smile
do the same that he would have done for you if you were at his place...go for prosthetics
he needs your support right now, don't leave him alone
That's really fucked up. One of my uncles from my extended family lost his left eye because some retard threw a bottle at his face. I wish you and your father the best.
Dude, good luck.I wish you happiness every day.
That fucking sucks man. You shouldn't ignore it though, gonna be something he'll need support with. Hope he does alright.
You should cut your leg off as well. Like father like son. Smile
I hope you can work through this, have a nice day
I came here expecting some kind of a joke, much darker than anticipated. Sorry to hear.
Cool so your mother wants to leave your father because he got amputated?
That's terrible! But it sounds like he'll be all-right

I'll show myself out

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