My bustabit script....
by merkle - 01-14-2019, 06:33 AM
I made this script for and its been running for a week now, profits are up 50% of initial investment.
The script can never fail based on current "!streak" results, let me explain:

// EVERY 4 sub 1.25 start...
// STOP on profit, ((((need base bet x 5) x5) x5 ) x5 ) x5 to succeed

[Image: xL8ysZU.png]

// Wait for four sub 1.25's in a row then start bet, x5 bet on loss, most needed is 5 losses, max 1.25 in a row is 8
// so we wait for 4, see image below. base bet is 250, required bankroll is 1mil +

[Image: 3nvGFng.png]

Adjust settings where required... i am running a bit higher on 3 but if you do hit 8 sub 1.25's in a row you are fucked.
I don't think anyone else is running this strat, and you can keep it running for very long amounts of time without fear.

If you do not know how to use, simply paste script into "custom" section of "automation" on ETHERCRASH.IO
And press "f12" to see the console. Start with, 1,000,000 ethBits ($100), steady profit of $50 a week.

[Image: 9DcgRvl.png]
[Image: Uy3bS58.png]

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Donate 1% of your winnings made with this script to @console on if you feel like supporting custom coders...
ETH: 0x0Fe18f369c7F34208922cAEBbd5d21E131E44692
is it still working?
yes bro Wink it sure is but keep to recommended settings if you do run, the profit is very very small and there is always risk of bust but i have not busted in weeeeeekks
If it works out for you feel free to buy me beer with donation Wink
Wow, I have to check if it works... Thanks a lot!
still working perfectly:

3:40 zelda: Seen 8 streak in games #377495-#377502: 1.24x, 1.14x, 1.10x, 1.24x, 1.06x, 1.01x, 1.07x, 1.14x

2 weeks running live since last report on working status.
Thanks for sharing this script i will try this
interesting, this working on BB?
Interesting, may need to try this out. Just getting into crypto trading.
I thought it will use nothing for prerolls but no. With this strategy, it's very easy with DiceBot and Lua Script.
am i retarded why cant i see script
I have just recoded the strat to work on the new BUSTABIT v2 system.

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