My boss is assfucking me. What to do ?
by LeDocteur - May 13, 2021 at 08:48 PM
Hi guys.
I'm kind of lost at the moment.
I'm fullstack web/mobile dev in a small startup. ( 7 people )

I worked like a dummy during more than a year for peanuts ( 20K€ / year ). We were all waiting to be funded.
Back to a couple of month we raised more than 1 million € and then they started to hire people at high salary, and doing nothing about my salary.
All just 50K / year  engineer.

I'm kind of pissed of. I feel like the work I made during this hard year means nothing to my boss and that the arrengement we had means nothing to him.
I have 3 kids and I could work everywhere for higher salary. I just like the start up environement ( especially in the beginning phases )

But I can't stand it anymore. I have to teach the app code and the CI/CD pipeline to a guy that earns 3 time my salary.
I would just start applying elsewhere, you can always take your new offer(s) back to your current employer to see if they'll match you before you go. There's a good chance they will if what you say is true. I am also a fullstack web developer so I understand the environment pretty well.

Better yet, start your own side hustle because all employers will lube up your ass and slide one in eventually.

Ideally, do both. Get your salary tripled, then use some of the extra money to start your own business on the side
screw ur boss. go apply somewhere else and turn in your resignation letter as soon as u can. 20k yearly is fucking slaves pay. don't be a dumbass and let em take advantage of u
" I have to teach the app code and the CI/CD pipeline to a guy that earns 3 time my salary. "

It sounds like they are gearing up to replace your this case there are 3 options that come to mind

1) Teach the replacement the wrong shit, (i.e make the code vulnerable for exploitation/ strings and shit for overflows / backdoor the code)

2) Get more certs, Dust off your resume and find better

3) Make yourself indispensable; meaning only you know how to do that one part of the job no one else knows how do and defend that knowledge from people that seek to replace you.

This is Corp America.....a fucked place where there are haves and have nots. I have no idea why anyone would want to immigrate, move, or live in on "Plantation". The taxes are high, the people suck, and ultimately vulnerable to the "invisible hand" (fuck you John Locke).

Best of luck.

America is boring AF too fyi.... everyone just works for scraps.

I agree with grangus, you should leave that shithole, there are plenty of remote jobs that you can apply for online.
I was expecting sodomy... this thread is a disappointment. Well, I did have a chuckle over, 20k a year but then I saw, '3 kids' and felt bad for you. Again, a very disappointing thread.

Ask for a raise. He says no, you put in your two weeks (if you can afford to) and if he lets you go, you will have confirmed he doesn't value you. When I was a kiddo, I pulled that shit like 4x on a boss and got a raise everytime. Different time and you're in a very different situation. If you don't have equity in this startup, you pretty much fucked up. That's the ONLY reason you should have accepted such low pay.
EPP's right. If you threaten to walk, you'll understand what your 'value' is to your boss.
Not a pleasant situation to be in, you need to find a job, because no one is going to help you there
You said 3x your salary for newhires, so getting a raise is going to mean nothing. In most tech industries your raise comes from finding a new job who pays you much more. Don't sabotage shit as that''' possibly ruin your future income. Be smart, clean up the resume and start applying for other companies. Once you commited to leaving don't leave the door open for "negotiating" a package to keep you onboard. Once they know you are gone they'll work to replace you, and more times than less people end up hating that they stayed because nothing gets changed.

Again don't listen to the fucking idiots telling you to lie to your new coworker, or try to hide knowledge. It's not their fault you are in that situation and that shit gets around these industries when you are a piece of shit.
I was not expecting this from the title

You seem like a smart person, i say get a new job
Of course, go get a new job and don't do anything stupid to the company your are leaving.
(May 15, 2021 at 05:01 PM)s0j0hn Wrote: Of course, go get a new job and don't do anything stupid to the company your are leaving.

That's really a good advice. I think the job market is not so bad right now in many countries. Pretty sure the author will find something else.

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