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My Moderator Application
Have you fulfilled the listed requirements? I have fulfilled all requirements, I will be mic shy for at least 5 days, I have a mic ordered and I have been registered for almost 2 years so it's been over 6 months.
Who are you, what do you do, and how did you find our site? I am ShrekRape, ShrekLord, ShrekLord121, also known as Zack. I like twitch raids, Pranks calls, and hangout raids (raiding hangouts of random streamers). I found this site through YouTube, it was a video of a stream raid.
Do you have previous moderating experience? I am a moderator on multiple twitch accounts and I think of myself as a very good moderator, I am loyal and very hard to get past when doing something against the rules.
What's the biggest thing you've learned since being on Raid Forums?  Oh boy, don't trust anyone on this site unless you know them... Even then don't always trust them *COUGH* Asik *COUGH* I'm messing with you polish bastard XD.
Why would you like to be a staff member on Raid Forums? I see raid forums as a second home, I love the community, the people, the raids, it would be more than an honor to serve raid forums the way it has served me.
What would you gain from being a staff member? Pride more than anything, I love this place with all my heart it is my favorite website by far.
What would the community gain from you being staff member? I am a nice respectable man, I know this community and how it works, after a while it would know me better and how I work.
What's your favorite section on the site? Shout Box is my favorite, getting to talk to each other without any harsh consequences for talking too much is great.
If you could pick a section to moderate, which would it be? Shout Box is what I would prefer, but if I have to moderate something else, I will.

Even if I don't become moderator I just want to thank you for at least giving it a read Smile
If you have any other questions I would be happy to answer Smile

If you increase your activity in sb/forums I will update my support.

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