Must get help (FUD for Windows and Linux)
by byaga - 05-14-2018, 08:51 AM
Hey found interesting things, must get help, need a useful FUD for Windows and Linux systems (RHEL & Win7), there is more information to exchange. The cool stuff is below.,
these are just log ins to websites. what is that mean for FUD for Windows and Linux systems. they are different
Fuly undetectable payloads please. I need for both operating systems. Two different FUDs are fine.
Hackforums is the place to look for encrypting stubs and the like.
Just use fud.PE on your binaries, it isnt bad.
If you're that interested, purchase NTCrypt by Aquatico
There are plenty of crypters available for sale, also FUD browsers and antidetect latest versions are usable but it's expensive
Payloads to do what? Reverse shell? Bind shell? Delete everything?

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